Keep Your Princess Trendy This Fall

Keep Your Princess Trendy This Fall

Keep Your Princess Trendy This Fall

Many would agree that Fall time is the greatest time of the year! Between boots, leggings, scarves and sweaters, there are countless ways to dress up or dress down any outfit. When wanting to keep your little girl trendy while also bundled during the cooler parts of Fall here is a list of this year’s fall trends:

Bold Prints
While bold prints come and go throughout the years, this year it is a definite GO. Do not become intimidated by bold and vivid prints of all types such as florals and geometrics.

Polka Dots
It goes without saying that your little girl in polka dots is never out of season. From dresses to accessories the dots are fun and stylish any time of year.

This Fall, embroidery, lace trims, woven ribbons and fabric flowers add an interesting flare to your girls wardrobe. They help by being able to be worn dressy or kept casual.

We all know your little girl is smart and sophisticated so well help her dress the part. Prep your little girl up in argyle shirts, sweaters or dresses.

Whether running around during recess or playing kickball during gym, ponchos help pull a dressy look together while staying casual and comfortable.

Don’t be blue. Leave that up to her clothing. Wear blues of all shades and hues. Pair her blues with neutral colors to really make them pop!

Don’t just let her eyes sparkle and shine. Allow her clothes to as well. Bring out the metallic bold colors of fuchsia and cobalt to give her outfit the rock star edge.

Apply these trends on all parts of the outfit. From the scarves, to leggings, to sweaters, to boots; bring out the trendy side of your little girl.