Company Profile

OQLK Apparel Sourcing Agent was established as a professional Apparel international trade company supported by a group of fabric suppliers and apparel manufacturers. In order to provide best service, best quality and best prices for our clients, we have established a reliable business network both in the US and China. We always try to provide you with the most useful industry and market information and notify you the current changes or trends within different market sectors. Our marketing research and trade analysis experts are prepared to answer questions regarding to your business with us. As a direct representative agent of manufacturers, we will provide value-added services for your specific inquiries and smooth your business negotiation process in an efficient way.We have been successfully providing golden services for many brand clients such as JCpenny, T.J Max, Target, New Balance, Champion, Guess, UMBRO, IZOD for many years. However, we also intend to provide same high-quality service to medium- and small-size retailers who are currently having less international exposure and working hard to find stable and lower-price suppliers. Our service will be much more than the traditional sourcing service. We will try our best to provide relevant trade and market information in favor of your business decision. We will advise you a transparent price comparison so as to help you get the best price. We will also assist you in the following-up business processes to reduce your operation cost. No matter how big your business is, Apparel Sourcing America always looks forward to provide customized service for your needs.
Business Scope
OQLK Apparel Sourcing Agent mainly operates imports and exports of all kinds of apparel products, accessories and home furnishing products, and will play an important role in the sourcing and distribution of apparel international trade. Our business scope includes but not limited to:Product merchandising especially for medium and small retailersHelp both importers and exporters to extend their international business as an importing/ exporting agentHelp importers evaluate suppliers, sourcing raw materials, order delivery, control and fulfillment, and shipment arrangementProvide valuable information related to apparel international trade business and offer a emarketplace for our clients to learn what happens and what may happen in future in the global apparel market, and to find some hints of how to boost their businesses with our the import and export agent of the above-mentioned business, provide subcontractor service, counseling service, and other value-added service.
Business Process

We provide a whole-process reporting and controlling mechanism to secure your business process. For a general product sourcing service, our processes is described as follows:Inquiry Received-The Client provides product pictures/description or samples and request price quotation.Initial Price quotation-We send initial product information (pictures/descriptions) to suppliers for initial price quotation and reply to the client with the initially estimated prices in 3 business days.Final Price Quotation-We will send the samples to suppliers for exact price quotation if the client intends to place an order based on the suppliers’ estimated price level (or on his/her target price level).At the same time, we will provide detailed manufacturer profile and pricing report(product cost analysis) for the client’s reference (as per customer requirement).Sample making- If the prices are agreed by both the client and the suppliers, we will ask the supplier to make style-samples for client’s view.Order confirmation- Once the style-sample is confirmed by the client, we accept P.O., BOM, and detailed order requirement descriptions and sign contract with the client.We will then arrange the customs claiming and shipment schedules and inform the client.Pre-production control-The whole production schedule and pre-production samples as per client requirement are prepared for client’s confirmation.Production control- We will provide periodical production status reports to the client and make sure that the whole process is going on well.Product inspection-In spite of the self-managed in-line and pre-final inspection, we will also arrange the final third-party product inspection according to the client’s request.Pre-shipping confirmation: We will provide the pre-shipping samples for the client’s confirmation as per client requirement.Customs claims and delivery- We will ask the supplier to arrange the export customs claims and load the goods for shipment.Order closed- We will provide Order Close Report for the client’s reference.